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General Questions

Lingonuts is a learning platform that offers courses to improve your English skills through interesting and meaningful lessons. We focus on exploring your curiosity, offering a variety of topics to choose from, including grammar lessons and vocabulary analysis through real content material such as vídeos and songs. The courses are designed to be interactive and flexible, allowing you to learn anytime and anywhere using your computer, tablet, or smartphone. We encourage you to follow your interests and learn at your own pace without the pressure of old grammar books. We do that to provide a fun and engaging learning experience while improving your English skills. 

Lingonuts stands out from other English learning platforms by providing a more personalized and engaging learning experience. While others rely on traditional grammar books structure or repetitive exercises, we offer a variety of interactive courses that instigate curiosity and cater to individual interests. Each lesson is followed by interactive activities designed to reinforce what has been learned and to help you make progress in the language. We offer a unique approach to English language learning by focusing on fun-based learning and providing a supportive learning experience.

No. At Lingonuts, you are in control of your learning path. If you find an exercise too difficult, mark it as Complete at the top right of the course page. Alternatively, if you find an exercise too difficult, mark it as Favorite by clicking the Star icon at the top right. This way, you can easily return to it when ready.

You are welcome to try any course and see how you feel. Don’t let the label determine whether the course is suitable for you or not. Give it a try and follow your curiosity. By pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, you will end up learning a lot more! If you find the course too difficult, you can pause it, save it for later and try a different course. Our courses are recommended for students who want to challenge themselves and boost their English skills.

Absolutely not! Lingonuts is all about flexibility! We want you to explore your curiosity and learn. Feel free to choose any course to study.

Yes! Our courses have 3 labels and they do not indicate your English level but rather the level of difficulty of each course: 

  • Beginner (easy)
  • Intermediate (medium)
  • Expert (more challenging)

Yes! Our courses offer a variety of free exercises and also video lessons for you to explore and learn. You’ll have access to valuable content without any cost. While there may be a point where additional premium features require payment, the free content is carefully designed to make sure you make the most of it!

All courses offer a variety of free exercises and also video lessons for you to explore and learn. However, there may be a point where additional premium features require payment. Prices vary according to the length of each course.

Yes, you can! Lingonuts is available on desktop, phones, and tablets. While the platform is functional on mobile devices, for the optimal experience, we recommend using the desktop version as we are currently working to minimize bugs on the mobile version to ensure a smooth user experience. Feel free to explore Lingonuts on your preferred device, and we are here to assist you if needed.


Go to Lingonuts.com > Login > Create New Account. Enter your details and click Join. Now you are ready to start learning!

No worries! Go to Lingonuts.com and click Login.  A window will open, then click on Did you forget your password?. Enter your email, and you will receive instructions to create a new one.

Using Lingonuts

You will have to create an account and password to join Lingonuts. After that, you’ll have access to all courses. Go to the Courses page, choose a course, and click: Continue To Course > Continue To Lesson and start exploring!

Click on the Tick button at the top right of the course page. You can mark a lesson as Complete even when you still need to finish the exercise. You can do that when an exercise is too easy or if you already know that part. Mark it as Complete, and move on!

Click on the Star button at the top right of the screen. By marking a lesson as favorite, you can easily spot it if you want to check it again later. 

You’ll find a Dictionary tool at the bottom right of the page. Select your language and enter the word or sentence to be translated. It is an online tool, so that the translation may vary. We hope to have it updated soon for better results.

Please make sure you have completed all the lessons within the course or marked them as complete. Once you have finished all the lessons, return to the course page and click on the “Complete Course” button to notify the system of your completion. If the issue persists, please contact our support team for further assistance.


We are here to help! Please, message us on our Contact page, and we’ll reply as soon as possible. 

Your feedback is really important to us. Please, message us on our Contact page, and we’ll reply as soon as possible.