Conversation Club

Want to practice English and connect with people from all over the world? Join our next Conversation Club!
To begin, simply choose your club below based on the level you feel most comfortable with.
Conversation Club PAge
You’ll then receive a Zoom link to join a small group session with me and a few more friends. I keep each session small to ensure I can assist everyone so that you can make the most of it!
During our one-hour chat, you’ll have the chance to participate in various breakout rooms within the session
so that you get to meet and chat with everyone, practice your English skills,
and most importantly, have fun!

Waiting List

Availability is limited, but don’t worry!
If you can’t find a spot or if the day and time don’t suit you, please add your name to the waiting list below.
Also, keep an eye on our Instagram for updates on when the next club will be available.
Talk to you soon!