The Lingonuts

Hello there! I’m Karine, the heart and soul behind Lingonuts!
I’m thrilled you’re here and I’d love to share a bit of my story with you and what Lingonuts is all about. I’ve been on an incredible journey as an English teacher for nearly two decades, starting as a young enthusiast teacher teaching little kids, then embarking on adventures teaching in Brazil, the United States, and finally, in the place I call home, Australia. This journey wasn’t just about teaching; it was about learning, growing, and most importantly, connecting with wonderful students like you! 
Living abroad for half of my life opened my eyes to diverse cultures and the need for meaningful, flexible learning. That’s why I founded Lingonuts – to break free from outdated textbooks and rigid schedules, and to offer something that resonates with your life, your dreams, and your curiosity. And as a second language learner myself, just like you, I’ve been through the challenges and joys of learning a new language. This shared experience is what shapes every lesson and course I create, making them not just educational, but also something you can truly connect with.
Your enthusiasm, your questions, and your dreams fuel my creativity and my teaching skills. This platform isn’t just about learning English; it’s about giving you the power to chase your curiosity to make English a fun part of your life! 
Thank you for being part of this journey. Your presence here means the world to me, and I can’t wait to see where your curiosity 
takes us at Lingonuts.
 See you soon!
Karine, your English Teacher!