meaningful lessons
that make sense

Explore your curiosity and learn English

Because only video is not enough

Wave goodbye to nonsense learning and say hello to a meaningful learning experience made just for you! 

Here at Lingonuts, I’m all about creating courses that spark your curiosity, allowing you to explore your interests while naturally improving your English skills.

From grammar lessons to song analyses and real content videos, there is a lot of learning waiting to be explored and much more to come!

After each lesson, I have prepared a variety of meaningful interactive, and fun activities to make sure you are not just learning English, but loving it too!

You're gonna love learning
with Lingonuts!

You're gonna love learning with Lingonuts!

At Lingonuts books are not the priority. YOU are!
At Lingonuts books are not the priority.
YOU are!

Learn English anytime, anywhere

Time is money! I get that – we are all busy nowadays. That’s why here you can embark on your English learning journey at your own convenience! Whether you choose to learn English online from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, Lingonuts provides the flexibility to start, pause, and resume your studies whenever and wherever you please.

Take your time

There is no rush and no pressure at all. The most important thing is to have fun because that’s when you learn the most!

Explore your curiosity

This is the best way to learn a language: explore your curiosity, have fun, and learn a lot on the way. Finish each course with a bigger range of vocabulary, a deeper understanding of grammar, and much more! Plus, you will likely have something new to share with your friends! Isn’t that great?!

No grammar books

No grammar

Forget those old grammar books and focus on your curiosity to expand your knowledge. At Lingonuts, books are not the priority. YOU are! Here learning has no limits. Your dream to master English is in your hands!

Challenge yourself

Don’t miss out on things you’re curious about just because there is a level label on it. Here you choose what you want to learn! Follow your curiosity, challenge yourself, and brush up on your English!

Learn more than English

Immerse yourself in a wide range of captivating topics: dive into comprehensive grammar explanations, explore real content videos, sing along to top hits songs, and so much more yet to come! Expand your knowledge while mastering English. And if you are curious about something else, please, let me know! Your curiosity may very well become a new course here soon!

Have fun

At Lingonuts, your curiosity and excitement are my top priorities. When you explore and learn with enthusiasm, English comes to you naturally. So, get ready to enjoy the journey and make English part of your life!

What are you waiting for?