Taylor Swift – Style

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Calling all Swifties and song lovers! It's time to boost your English skills with 'Style'! Let's dive into this musical journey to improve your vocabulary, listening skills, and much more, all while enjoying one of Taylor's most iconic songs. Let's have fun, sing along, and learn English in the most stylish way possible!


Ever find yourself humming along to a song but getting the words all wrong? You’re not alone – it happens to the best of us! And while my vocal talents won’t be winning any awards, I can help you learn English with music that you love!

Welcome to a fun course where we learn English with Taylor Swift’s song ‘Style.’ No matter if you are already a star or you’re just in it for the fun, this is a place where you can sing freely and learn. No judging here, only good vibes and great learning!

In this course, we’ll go through the song ‘Style,’ learn what the lyrics mean, practice listening, say the words clearly, and learn new expressions. It’s not only about singing along but understanding the story and the words in the song.

If you want to use music to get better at English and make singing a way to learn, this course is for you. Get ready to enjoy language learning and have a great time doing it. So, grab your mic (hairbrush optional) and let’s get this show on the road!


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What Will I Learn?

  • Explore and understand the lyrics
  • Learn new vocabulary
  • Study new idioms/phrases
  • Boost and challenge your listening skills
  • Enhance your pronunciation
  • Practice reading & writing

Topics for this course

19 Lessons

Lyric Lab: Build Up Your Vocabulary

Listen and Learn00:04:03
Grasping Vocabulary
Vocabulary Challenge
Speaking Challenge
Grasping Vocabulary II
Vocabulary Challenge II
Speaking Challenge II

Tune In: Listen Closely

Lyrics Detective: The Message Behind It

Karaoke: Sing Along


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Target Audience

  • English lovers
  • Vocabulary fans
  • Song lyrics explorers
  • Shower singers enthusiasts
  • Taylor Swift fans